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And the winners are...

August 11, 2012 23:00

Alex Puccio (USA) and Sean McColl (CAN). In an extremely tight competition the two North-American athletes managed to just edge ahead of their fellow competitors. In both the male and female competitions jury decisions were necessary as several athletes had even scores when it came to the knock-outs. After two days of top-class bouldering we are proud to present you the adidas ROCKSTARS 2012. Here is what they had to say:


Alex Puccio, winner adidas ROCKSTARS 2012
"This is my second year climbing the superboulder and I learned from my mistakes; last year I was a bit slow as I actually looked at the boulderproblem before I got on it. As I had that in mind I decided that if I get to the super final (this year) l will not look - I will just go on to the boulder! adidas ROCKSTARS is such an amazing event and I’m really excited for the third edition of it as it just keeps on getting better and better every year. It’s already an amazing competition and I would love to be back. Why should you do this event? Because you have the time of your life; it’s exciting, thrilling and you will not want to leave!"

Akiyo Noguchi, 2nd adidas ROCKSTARS 2012
"It’s such a good event, I really enjoyed it and I had a lot of fun. I certainly hope I can join again next year as well! The catwalk, the lights and the music make you feel like a real rockstar."

Juliane Wurm, 3rd adidas ROCKSTARS 2012
"I’m really happy with the 3rd place. The first two boulders I went ok but the last one was very hard and my shape was just not good enough, so there was nothing more I could do. From last year the athletes lounge has improved and the crowd watching is bigger, which is so cool. It’s great feeling like a real rockstar when you’re out there on the scene; especially the live music makes adidas ROCKSTARS different from other competitions.”


Sean McColl, winner adidas ROCKSTARS 2012
"The superboulder was really fun even though it wasn’t the hardest boulder in the final. To tell you the truth we’re all really good friends and I didn’t really care if I would win or not today. The format of the competition is similar to other competitions; the final round is what really stands out and makes it so cool. When I have dreams about perfect competitions it’s very similar to adidas ROCKSTARS; the athletes lounge, all the security, a huge arena, phenomenal competition and organization - as you can imagine I had a great weekend!

Jon Cardwell, 2nd adidas ROCKSTARS 2012
(After the semifinal)
“I’m pretty excited because after the first problem I thought it would be really hard, because I didn’t get started too well. Once I started to climb better on the other problems I got kind of an energy momentum going so I’m very happy with my performance. I would love to reach the super final cause I’m sure it will be super fun and something really different - if I make it that far it will be a great pleasure for sure!”

(After final)
“The event is really special, unlike any other event that I have ever been to for climbing, it’s such a nice space for us back at the athletes lounge and the atmosphere is very friendly, the walls are great - I’m just really impressed.”

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