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Athlete Feedback

13th adidas ROCKSTARS 2016    
adidas ROCKSTAR 2015/2014/2012

"I love that it’s a lot of volumes coming into the boulder problems, I love this style and the whole 3D climbing, it’s the way of the future in my opinion.

adidas ROCKSTARS is a special event first of all because it’s outside the World Cup season, so the competitors are a bit more relaxed. We can see that adidas goes out of their way to make the competitors happy and to put on a really good event which is similar to what they do at the World Cups. But here it’s like the next level and we can really feel that as athletes."

Janja Garnbret (SLO)
adidas ROCKSTAR 2016
3­rd adidas ROCKSTARS 2015

"adidas ROCKSTARS is very special with its’ eliminator style competition which is different from the World Cups. This fact makes it very exciting for the audience to watch the head-to-head super-final on identical problems. The atmosphere amongst the competitors is very relaxed - we can hang out more together which is awesome! I like to interact with the audience so that they cheer louder for me because it gives me some extra energy!"

Miho Nonaka (JPN)
3rd adidas ROCKSTARS 2016
5th adidas ROCKSTARS 2015

"I really liked to take part of adidas ROCKSTARS. I think everything was great: the music, the atmosphere and the audience – all this made it an amazing event!"

Rustam Gelmanov (RUS)
5th adidas ROCKSTARS 2016
23rd adidas ROCKSTARS 2015
6th adidas ROCKSTARS 2014

"As always adidas ROCKSTARS here in Stuttgart is a really nice event and I’m really happy to be here. I have been to all the adidas ROCKSTARS events since the start and I like this competition a lot. I know everyone around the competition and the organisers, so it feels like I’m at home! People should come watch this event because it’s really interesting, the super-final is like a real-life game where the finalist compete head-to-head against each other. I had a great interaction with the audience during the final!"

Stasa Gejo (SRB)
4th adidas ROCKSTARS 2016
4th adidas ROCKSTARS 2015

"I think adidas ROCKSTARS is my favourite event of the season because it’s not as stressful as the World Cups. It doesn’t influence anything, no strict national teams - you are just here as an athlete, as an individual. You have a lot of people watching you, here at the Porsche-Arena it’s really great and with good music, but probably the most important thing is that the boulders are different.
The care we receive as athletes here at adidas ROCKSTARS is just brilliant and I adore it - we feel special!"

Fanny Gibert (FRA)
16th adidas ROCKSTARS 2016
10th adidas ROCKSTARS 2014

"I think it’s a big honour for every athlete to be invited to adidas
. Only the best climbers in the world receive an invitation so yeah, I’m always very happy when I receive an invitation. It’s really cool to meet everyone from the circuit in a non-official comp, it’s a very smooth atmosphere and everything is really well organised - it’s always such a good event and I’m always glad to take part."

Jongwon Chon (KOR)
3rd adidas ROCKSTARS 2016
5th adidas ROCKSTARS 2015
2nd adidas ROCKSTARS 2014

"adidas ROCKSTARS in one of the best events of the year. Everything is great both: boulders and the competition vibe. I’m very happy for every year that I can come back to Stuttgart.  It was already quite a lot of spectators in the morning, I’m sure it’s going to be crowded tonight for the finals!"

Petra Klingler (SUI)
5th adidas ROCKSTARS 2016
8th adidas ROCKSTARS 2015
3rd adidas ROCKSTARS 2014

"The audience tonight was just amazing, it’s mind-blowing to climb here! I also like to interact with the audience in order for them to cheer me on - it just makes it more fun to climb, it’s that easy! The fact that the crowd has been cheering for almost two hours straight shows that it’s also fun for them if we give them a bit of action. The route setting is amazing as well as the crowd in the semis and finals."

Leah Crane (GBR)
6th adidas ROCKSTARS 2016

"I really like the format of adidas ROCKSTARS as it is very different to the usual World Cup. It’s, in my opinion, the best international competition on the calendar. This is my first time here and it has been amazing, I really like the elimination style because it keeps the competitors on their toes. You don’t get many chances for mistakes so you have to be on form and it really is the best climber that will pass through the final - and in the super-final it’s the fastest! I really would like to come back next year!"

Jan Hojer (GER)
2nd adidas ROCKSTARS 2016
8th adidas ROCKSTARS 2015
27th adidas ROCKSTARS 2014

"adidas ROCKSTARS is kind of like a World Cup: the starting list is comparable as all the best climbers come here but with a much friendlier atmosphere. The organisers provide hotel for us so we all have dinner and breakfast together, meaning that we spend much more time together compared to the regular World Cups where everybody sticks to their teams. It’s a great opportunity to get to know the other climbers better and it’s a great show as well here at the Porsche-Arena."