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Athlete Feedback

Alex Puccio (USA)
adidas ROCKSTAR 2017
adidas ROCKSTAR 2012

"It’s hard not to really enjoy climbing here at adidas ROCKSTARS, because all the boulders are so much fun - even more than in the world cups overall. They put so much energy and time into this competition to make it that amazing.

The super-boulder was a lot harder than what we thought it was going to be, Janja and I was falling a lot, then we took our time, decided to brush the holes, take a breath, needed a rest… Once I stuck that hole up in the middle, just not messing up the top was the key. I was super excited and there were really fun climbs and a fun event."

Tomoa Narasaki (JPN)
adidas ROCKSTARS 2017
adidas ROCKSTARS 2016

"adidas ROCKSTARS tends to have my style of problems in the final rather than in the semis, so it was actually harder for me in the semifinal - I felt very comfortable in the final. 

The first problem was coordination which I’m very good at, second and third problem didn’t really feel too difficult to me either. 

In the super-final I used visualisation and could move the body just like I imagined. In order to claim the win it’s not only about climbing the boulder,  it’s also about speed which gave me a lot of confidence. I don’t train specifically on speed, I just try to focus on the flow of my movement with the upper body both when I train and climb in general and thats it."

Janja Garnbret (SLO)
2nd adidas ROCKSTARS 2017
adidas ROCKSTAR 2016
3­rd adidas ROCKSTARS 2015

"adidas ROCKSTARS is different from a World Cup: the best climbers get together, we have a lot of fun, music is great, atmosphere is perfect and I really enjoy my time here as it’s not the same pressure as in the World Cups. People should really come here to watch the final tomorrow because it’s great fun! The boulders are awesome to watch: we have coordination moves, powerful moves and many other things."

Jongwon Chon (KOR)
2nd adidas ROCKSTARS 2017
3rd adidas ROCKSTARS 2016
5th adidas ROCKSTARS 2015
2nd adidas ROCKSTARS 2014

"I really enjoyed the final, in 2014 I also reached the super-final together with Sean McColl and this year together with Tomoa Narasaki, but always I try to go fast but my body does not follow my head: maybe next year I need to prepare more for this kind of fast climbing in case I get the opportunity to be back in the final next year again. 

The style of climbing that we see in the super-final fits Tomoa’s style perfectly, always when he’s bouldering he’s almost like a ninja - very fast - so this format is perfect for him, he is also very strong."

Miho Nonaka (JPN)
3. adidas ROCKSTARS 2017

3. adidas ROCKSTARS 2016
 adidas ROCKSTARS 2015

"Das adidas ROCKSTARS Finale hat viel Spaß gemacht und es ist sehr schade, dass ich es nicht ins Superfinale geschafft habe, weil ich dort wirklich hinwollte, deshalb bin ich etwas enttäuscht. Ich mag einfach alles an diesem Event, die Atmosphäre, die ganzen Boulderprobleme, die Zuschauermenge, einfach alles!"

Jan Hojer (GER)
2nd adidas ROCKSTARS 2016
8th adidas ROCKSTARS 2015
27th adidas ROCKSTARS 2014

"The reason why new faces keep adding to the event, as well as many of us repeating, I think it’s due to that the athletes keep spreading the word; it’s a nice competition with a cool atmosphere. At World Cups we all stay with our teams, while here at the adidas ROCKSTARS we are at the same hotel having breakfast, lunch and dinner together all the time.  It’s a really good opportunity to spend more time with friends and other climbers."

Petra Klingler (SUI)
5th adidas ROCKSTARS 2016
8th adidas ROCKSTARS 2015
3rd adidas ROCKSTARS 2014

"The most special about adidas ROCKSTARS is the atmosphere: not only with the audience watching but especially amongst the athletes. Normally in World Cups you’re with a team, with your coaches. But here everybody comes on their own - maybe with some of their team mates, but it’s such a relaxed atmosphere, so friendly and that’s what’s climbing is about. It’s about us having fun, exchanging ideas, exchanging lives - planning new holidays together or something like that. I think that’s the main reason why I always come back again."

GORE-TEX® Be a Rockstar - Athlete Feedback

153 Anna Ugarova (UKR)

The GORE-TEX® Be a Rockstar jam session was awesome, the boulders were all really interesting and very different so that each participant could find something that could fit their personal skills. The size of this comp is very big and we can’t do anything but enjoy here, thanks to the organisation for such a great job!

This is my second time at GORE-TEX® Be a Rockstar; the last year we were 7 Ukrainians, we enjoyed the event so much that this year we came back a group of about 15 persons - hopefully we will be more than 30 next year!


182 Maren Schaal (GER)

The GORE-TEX® Be a Rockstar jam session went better than I expected to be honest and I also had lots of fun - it was a great general experience. This is my first time ever doing any competition in bouldering. We saw a flyer at our gym and though we would come here, have a look at whatever it is: we didn’t really know then what this was, but when we arrived it was so exciting and decided to join. I will definitely be back next year again!

More girls should join because it’s so much fun, you get to try out where you are in the climbing are kind of scared to take part because they think the boys are way better and so on, but that’s not the case here. You just get to try all the boulders with no pressure at all. 


185 Michel Padilla (MEX)

This is the first time I’m taking part of GORE-TEX® Be a Rockstar, it’s such an awesome experience, because you get to share boulders with athletes that you normally only see on TV and you can also see them climb - I’m totally stoked to take part of this event. 

In the jam session I could solve some problems, while I didn’t even try some of the others. I can see that there’s a great level of climbing amongst girls here in Europe compared to south America.

Normally you see the competition and the athletes on stage and you don’t realise everything that is behind the closed curtains. I’m amazed about what we can find here at this event: the organisation is excellent, we get a lot of gifts, they treat us like kings and queens - I’m totally stoked about my experience!