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Eklips’ craft is beatboxing, also known as vocal percussion. He produces drum beats and rhythm using only his mouth, nose and throat. The French rapper and beatboxer is a much acclaimed superstar within the community and – thanks to the digital age – known far beyond the music scene, not least because of beatboxing the entire history of hip-hop in just 4 minutes for a video that went viral across the globe (over 53 million views on youtube). DJ Eklips has recorded several albums: Skyzofrench RapMonster and lastly LIPS, an impressive 100 percent vocal project with soul, funk and jazz influences. The Frenchman finds stimulation for his creativity in all kinds of music. “Michael Jackson very much inspired me,” he says. He particularly loves Jackson’s early songs, but he also covers all kinds of classic tunes that you can hear on the radio. “Hip-hop, jazz, I like them all.” His favorite piece on his new album, an album that took him a mere three weeks to record, is an imitation of Stanley Clarke’s stately saxophone number from the movie “Boyz n the Hood”. The Parisian also enthuses the masses when performing his beatboxing and imitation art live. During last year’s Sennheiser MOMENTUM PROJECT he rapped as fast as Eminem: 105 words in 16 seconds.

bigFM DJ Antar also hails from France. With over 20 years of experience in the music business he is playing in clubs all over Europe. In the course of his projectLa MixTure he sold over 100,000 pieces of his album „Operation Freestyle“

Eklips and Antar regulary perform together as music act FRENCH CONNECTION.