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Elias Holzknecht

Elias was born in 1994 in Austria’s Ötztal where he also grew up. Majestic mountains, which always pose new challenges, have surrounded him all his life. So he started climbing and seeing the world from above, matching with nature and testing his limits. Climbing became his passion, and through his climbing he discovered photography – to capture unique moments up in the mountains. For several years, Elias used every opportunity to accompany athletes around the world, gain experience as a sports photographer and develop his skills in other fields. Eventually he turned his passion to profession. In 2013 he established woodslave productions and doesn’t leave his house without a camera ever since.


Christian Waldegger

Christian was born 1981 in Tirol/ Austria. Living in the Kauner valley, he always had a strong connection to mountain sports. He loves climbing and snowboarding. When he was 17 years old, his older brother bought a Canon EOS 3 and from that moment on he was hooked. Christian borrowed his brother’s camera many many times, until he got his own. At the age of 21, he started to assist a German fashion photographer who was based in Innsbruck. They were travelling all around the world, to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Cape Town, Miami, Mauritius, Barbados, Chicago, San Francisco, New York and so on. After 5 years of assisting, he realized if he wanted to make the next step, he had to start his own business. And that’s what he did. He got a Masters degree in photography and ever since then he’s been trying to combine his hobbies: photography, climbing, and snowboarding.


Bert Willer

Bert lives in Munich and works as freelance sports and event photographer for clients like Volkswagen, BMW, Telefonica O2, adidas Outdoor and many more. His enthusiasm for outdoor activities took him early towards sports and event photography. With his eye for aesthetics and his sure instinct, he not only takes beautiful pictures of people in motion, events and locations – he also manages to capture emotions and sentiments. Punchy portraits and dynamic snapshots characterize his style.


Michael Baierl

Photoshop artist Michael Baierl alias XOMI has turned his passion for photography and image editing into a profession. Michael originally has a marketing research background, but today he handles the digital post production for photographers, agencies and events like adidas ROCKSTARS or the adidas Sickline Extreme Kayak World Championship. The spectrum of the autodidact ranges from classic beauty touch-up to various fashion looks or dreamy fairy tail retouch. Michael Baierl, who is better known as "Xomi" in various internet forums, doesn't want to commit to on particular style. He is rather fascinated by the diversity of opportunities digital image editing has to offer. His work can regularly be found in special interest magazines like Digital-Photo and DOCMA.


Eddie Fowke

Eddie Fowke is a dedicated climbing and motorsport photographer with several years of experience. He tries to not only capture the moment, but in some ways capture the essence, the atmosphere, the soul of the occasion as well. Many of his photos diarize climbing with friends and adventures he's had. His work has been featured in several climbing publications and he is the official photographer of the IFSC World Cup and the chief editor of thecircuitclimbing.com