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David Barrans (GBR)

Nickname: Dave
Date of birth: 22 August 1988
Place of residence: Leeds
Height (m): 1.67
Weight (kg): 65
Degree of difficulty: Not specified

1. Your most important results?

  • 3rd place World Championships Qinghai 2009
  • 5th place Boulder World Cup Vienna 2009
  • 5th place Boulder World Cup Eindhoven 2010
  • 6th place Boulder World Cup Eindhoven 2011

2. Your sponsors?

  • Prana
  • Evolv
  • Metolius

3. Since when are you climbing / active in the climbing business?

I climb since I was 7 years old.

4. Who or what has motivated you to start climbing?

My dad brought me into climbing.

5. What intrigues you most about climbing?

Every move is different, so every move is a new challenge.

6. What do YOU think is most important in bouldering?

Finger strength, power and technique.

7. Reveal us your top 3 rock songs?

So hard to choose, anything by AC/DC or older Oasis.

8. Which are your top 3 climbing / boulder routes?
Karma, Gecko, High Fidelity.

9. What's your attitude to life?

Not specified.

10. Describe yourself in one word?

Not specified.

11. What are your hobbies / interests besides climbing?

  • Mountainbiking

12. What's your opinion to the event concept - sport meets music?

It will be really good, all the best comps have really good music.