Ticket to Rockstars

For the safety of our athletes and the community

adidas ROCKSTARS 2020 cancelled 

At adidas, the health and safety of our athletes and the wider community is of the highest priority. Therefore, adidas has decided to cancel both the Ticket to Rockstars tour and the final event in Stuttgart. 

Given the current world situation, we see it as our responsibility to avoid the spread of Covid-19. This includes avoiding events in the scope of our global bouldering invitational. 

adidas ROCKSTARS has been one of the key events on the international climbing calendar welcoming 5000 climbing enthusiasts to the grand final in the Porsche-Arena in Stuttgart in 2019. The Ticket to Rockstars series had more than 5000 participants during its 21 events in 8 countries last year. For adidas Outdoor the decision to cancel the events has therefore not been an easy one.  

The Covid-19 crisis has a heavy impact on the climbing and bouldering community. Boulder gyms are closed, events are prohibited, travelling is significantly restricted, and the strong community needs to find ways to cope with the situation. 

“It is with heavy heart that we have made the decision to cancel both the Ticket to Rockstars series and the adidas ROCKSTARS final in Stuttgart. Still, we had to take this step for the safety of both our athletes and the community. We are now looking into ways of how to support the climbing community in the given situation and beyond.” -Tim Janaway, General Manager adidas Outdoor.

We appreciate your understanding of the cancellation of the events and can’t wait to see you all back on the wall.


Stay safe,

Your adidas Outdoor Team
and your adidas ROCKSTARS Team

T2R Series & adidas ROCKSTARS 2020 is cancelled