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Ticket to Rockstars

...is coming to California for the first time! adidas T2R is a unique global bouldering series that combines climbing with music. Become part of a worldwide community, share your emotions with other participants, test your skills on exciting boulder problems and experience an unforgettable day full of action and fun. No matter how well you climb, we guarantee you’ll have a great time at Sender One LAX!


Free Participation

Participation in the T2R Boulder Jam is free of charge for gym members and Sender One LAX offers a reduced rate for non-members ($15). Upon registration, you will receive a free adidas T2R t-shirt and your personalized score card to record your tops and flashes.

Attention! Participation is limited to 300 climbers for the Open Jam (14+ years) and to 250 for the Minis, Kids and Youth Jam, respectively, so sign up in time to secure your slot!

First Prize

The winners of the Open Jam (male and female) will be invited to the adidas Ticket to Rockstars Final presented by GORE-TEX on 13 September 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany where the TOP 3 Men/Women receive a WILDCARD for the adidas ROCKSTARS semifinal. AsT2R finalist you stay at the official athlete hotel and spend the weekend amongst the top stars. 

This awesome prize cannot be bought, you have to win it!

Register Now

So what are you waiting for? Seize the opportunity to compete against bouldering athletes from all over the world. Win the Open Jam and grab your TICKET to in the global adidas T2R final in Stuttgart. The winners of each age group will be rewarded with great prizes, too.

To secure your spot, you first need to register with Sender One Climbing and sign the gym's waiver. Afterwards you can enroll for the respective jam session on Vertical-Life to activate your personal Smart Scorecard.

  1. Click LOGIN in the top right corner
  2. You can log in with your Facebook profile or Vertical-Life account or create a new profile with your e-mail address.
  3. If you have logged in with your Facebook profile, you will appear in the result list with your Facebook name. If this name does not match your actual name, you can change it in the scorecard.
  4. To change or add to your details, click on your name in the top right corner.
  5. In order to be registered for the competition, you have to select a category.
    To do so click on "CHOOSE CATEGORY" with the suffix M for male and W for female athletes.
    // Minis Jam / under 10 years 
    // Kids Jam / 10-11 years
    // Youth Jam / 12-13 years
    // Open Jam / 14+ years
    and press the button "enroll" to confirm.

    Provided that there are still slots available you can also register on-site on the day of the event up to 60 minutes before the start of the respective Boulder Jam.

    Under 18?

    If you are under 18 years old on 17 August 2019, your waiver has to be signed by a parent or guardian. Please be aware that for safety reasons minors are not allowed to take part in the competition without a declaration of consent from their parents. Your parents must also sign this media release for you, which all attendees have to sign when checking in.

    Boulder Jam

    There is a wide range of boulders available at different levels of difficulty, ranging from very easy (= 100 points) to very difficult (= 400 points). The points awarded for each boulder climbed are based on the difficulty and the total number of tops in the respective class: Boulder value = (difficulty points / number of tops).
    Bonus points are awarded for a flash (completing a climb on the first attempt).

    In each Jam Session you can climb on different boulder problems for the set period of time. With great prizes available in every age group, it’s worth a try!

    Minis Jam under 10 years old 10am - 1pm Award ceremony 1:30pm
    Kids Jam 10-11 years old 10am - 1pm Award ceremony 1:30pm
    Youth Jam 12-13 years old 10am - 1pm Award ceremony 1:30pm
    Open Jam 14+ years old 3pm - 7pm Award ceremony 7:30pm

    Smart Scorecard

    The Smart Scorecard system by Vertical-Life allows you to follow the results of your Ticket to Rockstars jam LIVE.
    Once you have logged in, you can easily mark your TOPS and FLASHES.
    Once you have entered a result, you can automatically see your current position.
    The Ticket to Rockstars jam session is only scored using the Smart Scorecard.
    Please note the following:

    • Take your smartphone or tablet to the event (so you can enter your results)
    • Log in using your email address, Vertical Life or Facebook profile
    • Select your category (age group & gender) and mark your TOPS/Flashes
    • The Smart Scorecard automatically generates the ranking
    • Results have to be entered at the latest 30 minutes after the end of the jam session

    You can log in here and enter your results in the Smart Scorecard.

      Fun Contests

      You can take part in various fun competitions spread throughout the day, such as a Zlagboard challenge or a hand force contest. If you rank among the best competitors in these little challenges you can win special prizes.


      9am Check-in opens for Minis (under 10)/ Kids (10-11)/ Youth (12-13)
      10am - 1pm Minis/ Kids/ Youth Jam
      12pm-5pm Vendor Village open
      1:30pm Award ceremony Minis/ Kids/ Youth
      1pm Check-in opens for Open Jam (14+ years old)
      3pm - 7pm Open Jam
      7:30pm Award ceremony Open Jam
      8pm - 11pm Party